We Iz The World: Somethin' Ain't Right

The album cover for the original "We Are The World"

Let me start by saying that my heart definitely goes out to Haiti and what they are going through over there.  No disrespect intended.  I contemplated whether or not to go in on “We Are The World – 25 for Haiti”, so I apologize for the delay, but it’s just that I’m not a total d*ck.  I don’t think anybody watched this that didn’t feel some kind of way about it.  For example, the homie Corey commented on my Facebook page that Wyclef sounded like “a goat being curried”, so I figure with people going hard like that, how could I not weigh in?

Jay-Z recently made the comment that the original “We Are The World” was a classic and should not have been touched; why not write a brand new song?  I concur wholeheartedly.  I love music and this sh*t hurt my heart in many ways.

Is that Elian Gonzales in front? No Robin Thicke solo? A Jonas Brother? Lame.

I understand that it’s important that the song reach multiple demographics and span many different genres, but when I think about it, that didn’t matter when the original was created.  Back then, singers were singers.  I think this project was a sign of the times…we’re more in love today with celebrity (notice Vince Vaughn and Nicole Richie in there…I know she’s Lionel’s daughter but c’mon…) than we are with actual singing chops.  For example, how do you sub in Justin Bieber (I didn’t even know who this kid was) for Lionel Richie to kick the whole thing off?  How do you replace Dionne Warwick with Miley f*ckin’ Cyrus and put her amateur a** in between Barbra Streisand and Enrique Iglesias of all people?  These two “artists” actually had serious solos, while legends like Gladys Knight, Philip Bailey of Earth, Wind & Fire, Bebe Winans and Harry Connick, Jr. played the back or had less significant roles.  I know a lot of music fans today have no idea who Steve Perry or Huey Lewis are, but would it have been too much to add in Chris Martin of Coldplay or Dave Matthews at a minimum?

And did Janet Jackson telecast her performance in via Skype or some sh*t?  If you can’t make it to the remake of “We Are The World”, you better be playing golf with the Pope.  Otherwise, I’da been okay with a Rebbie Jackson cameo instead.

Lionel Richie knows better.

I don’t even wanna discuss the “hip-hop” portion in too much detail.  All of those MCs in one room, and nobody could come up with one respectable bar worth of material?  Again, I’m not mad at the idea behind it or the effort, so don’t come at my neck; in fact it’s commendable that all of those people came out and repped, but seriously, I expect Quincy Jones and Lionel Richie to know better and come up with something new.  It was not a complete debacle, so don’t think I’m completely trashing it musically…I actually liked the addition of T-Pain, but Li’l Wayne getting a solo was a bit out of hand.  I wonder if he had any sizzurp before he got there?  Props on the addition of Tony Bennett (still classy), Celine Dion (love or hate, she can blow and actually belonged in the same room with the original We Are The World crew), J-Hud and Jamie Foxx (wasn’t mad at the Ray Charles impression), among others.  But yo…f*ck a Jonas brother.

We Are The World 25 for Haiti – Official Video

Now watch how it’s really done…

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10 Years Later: The Legendary Pun

New heat from Big Punisher featuring powerhouses Joell Ortiz and Style P.  I’ve been thinking that during a month that marks the 10th anniversary of Pun’s passing, I swear I’d kill twenty of today’s lame-*ss rappers just to bring back Pun, who kicks one of the meanest verses I’ve heard from him, while Styles and Joell come off like the only two current MCs who could have even got on the same track with the heavyweight.  Enjoy!

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