She Likes: Running x Jessie Ware

The queen piece on the chess board scores another one.  My lady passed this along to me this evening and I couldn’t help but post it under the She Likes section of music she puts me on to.  It’s hard to place this into a genre, but the music is dope and the video is captivating, which is something I miss about videos in recent years.  If you’re looking for something different, check it out.

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Vintage Goods: In Too Deep x The Lox

I’ve been banging this Wu-Block album and it made me think of this joint, which I first heard on a DJ Clue tape.  Very dirty, very grimey, and bar for bar, very solid. 

“Come in your crib, put somethin’ hot dead in your brain / then watch your family jump around like the House of Pain” – Sheek Louch.

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Industry Shakedown Radio Freestyle 2009 x Action Bronson, Meyhem Lauren & Solace

I’m basically just posting this because I’m excited about going to see Action Bronson live this Saturday in DC, but this was an ill freestyle Action and Meyhem Lauren did back in 2009 before a lot of cats were hip to him.  I like when you can tell a rapper isn’t just kicking written bars and really impressing himself as he comes off the top with jewels.  The energy and spirit of competition between the two is dope.

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Get Familiar: The TMETape

 I stumbled across this mixtape on Twitter and was pleasantly surprised.  My guy Dom Mahoney (@DomMahoney aka Faceman or “The Face” although he says “nobody gets the A-Team reference”) and his younger brother Keys (@DoughboyyFreshh) came together to lay down the TMETape, which can be heard below.  It’s always dope to hear something that started as a hobby being laid down in a studio-quality format and people having the balls to release it to the masses.  Give this shit a spin.

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Get Familiar: Whitney White


Singer/songwriter Whitney White is from West Palm Beach and after years away from performing live to focus on writing for others, she has returned with W, an inspired collection of R&B driven by strong vocals and smooth production that compliments and doesn’t overpower.  Whitney’s subtle approach is definitely something missing from the pop-heavy R&B of today, while her music is still very current.  One can definitely tell that because she is actually a songwriter, Whitney’s lyrics and song structure play a major part in creating her music.

W is R&B-inspired & was written for people who are experiencing a crossroads in their relationships. I’ve personally experienced everything that’s been written here. I hope to inspire people through my music and experiences.

– Whitney A. White

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Sweet Temptations x Freeway f. Nikki Jean

I heard Freeway’s album Diamond In The Ruff earlier today and unfortunately, I wasn’t that impressed.  Honestly, I can see that Free is going for a smoother image in some ways, but it just doesn’t seem to fit the flow and having a sub-par sugary hook on every other track doesn’t exactly please the existing audience or attract new ones.  This track managed to grow on me, though, and the fly video to accompany it also helped.

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