Bumrush The Show: Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift

F*** ya feelings

I’m officially changing this girl’s name from Taylor Swift to Taylor Not-Swift-Enough.  If I’m accepting an award and Kanye West jumps onstage with me, there is no way he’s getting my microphone.  This is what this man does…this ain’t new, baby!

As much as it pissed my wife off last night, I was dying laughing last night at Kanye showing his natural a** at the VMAs.  First of all, let’s take our emotions out of it for a second, folks.  It’s just entertainment.  And let’s not act like the VMAs is the Grammys…didn’t MTV just have Sacha Baron Cohen fall on Eminem’s head with his a** out?  But Kanye’s a monster for being “disrespectful”?  Come on now.  Kanye plays a character…it may be a character who’s intimately close to the real Kanye, but he knows it’s expected of him to show out.TSHIRT

Second, Taylor Swift should be happy to be included in a Kanye bumrushing.  It’s almost a rite of passage.  At least Black people know who the hell she is now.  I was clueless…still am in a way, but this is an opportunity to cross over for her!  Use your moment!  Real talk, though, the best way to turn this around is to be a good sport about it…maybe even collaborate with Kanye.  Let’s be about our paper, please.  I mean, do you really think she would have gotten the love she received at the end when Beyonce let her come back out if Yeezy hadn’t jumped his rude a** up there?  Be for real.

And for real…let’s not act like Beyonce didn’t come out and really show people why she deserved the award more than Taylor Swift or Britney Spears’ wack a**es.  Step your bodysuit game up and we’ll talk.  Not everybody can pull off a routine like that.  Janet didn’t even go as hard as B did on the real.

All in all, yes that was rude as hell.  I’m sure teenyboppers everywhere were in tears.  Am I personally mad at dude?  No.  It’s all entertainment and I was entertained.  Taylor Swift is still getting checks and will get many more because of this.  Now let’s stop actin’ like Kanye’s next joint will not be copped..and promptly.

PS: Haven’t yet checked the blog-o-verse yet, but I already know somebody’s gonna be mad about Lady Gaga thanking “God and the gays” in her acceptance speech, but please…stop before you start.  Getting up in arms over that only does two things: (1) makes you look like a bigot and (b) sells at least another record for Lady Gaga.

Mad at this?  Check out my response to the Kanye West apology on Leno here.

[Sorry…I had a clip of the incident, but the jerks at Viacom removed it…so here’s this…LOL]

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  1. EXACTLY!! And this is way low on the list of the stupid things celebrities have done. Even low for this award show, i think [not so much of a] lady gaga was way more ridiculous. I would be mad if it wasn’t the truth. it was. and he said he was happy for her, “but…” I think that was nice. And personally i feel all sells Taylor receives after tonight a percentage should duly go to Kanye. And while, Beyonce was noble, regardless of how staged it was at the end. Taylor had the nerve to be ornery, like she didn’t learn her lesson at the school of Kanye yo ass ain’t worthy.

  2. I didn’t get to watch the VMAs (because I was sleeping, how lame), but I heard about Kanye. I was not shocked or surprised because we all know Kanye is unruly. Somebody told me he was drunk though lol

  3. hahaha, exactly. Beyonce was still considered the sweet woman who saved the day and Taylor Swift is now more well known than she ever was…

  4. You are a complete ass hole. I would LOVE to see you win an award, at only 19 mind you, then go up in front of all of America to accept it, probally the most exciting moment of your life so far, and some guy steals your mic and says you don’t deserve it. Then we will see if it’s funny, then we will see if Kanye is an ass. Fuck you dude, dig deep inside and try to actually find a heart.

  5. “Find your heart” hahaha ok Jiminy Cricket. Surprise surprise, didn’t think I’d let this one through? Readers, this is a classic case of the nonsense I try to expose here at The Show…oversensitive people who care way too much about the wrong things in life. You’re clearly the one who has some growing to do, squirt. This article is clearly a humorous article (on a comedy blog) written about entertainment…not abortion, Darfur, religion or anything actually worth getting upset over, but this peon (who sought my blog out by the way) feels the need to go this far with me. I clearly said yes, Kanye is rude. Am I gonna cry about it? No, nor should anyone else. That was the point. It was entertainment…I was entertained. And nonsense comments like this entertain me too, so do keep ’em coming. If you can’t take a joke and take entertainment as seriously as if someone insulted your mother as you seem to, then this blog isn’t for you clearly. Go check out disney.com or something, cupcake. “Dig deep inside” and try to find a set of gonads, cuz I smell little girl all over you. Still lmao.


  6. LOLOLOL WOW!!! ” I smell little girl all over you” You just hurt some 14 year olds feelings…

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