Get Familiar: Tenna Torres


Every now and then, I like to give some shine to an artist on the verge, like the previous post on Nicholas Ryan Gant, which featured a link to download his Michael Jackson tribute medley.  Seeing someone you know put time into their craft and put out a finished product is like seeing somebody Black get really far on Jeopardy: you can’t help but sit your a** down and root for the home-team.  Even if Martin is on.  I recently was introduced to the work of singer/songwriter/artist Tenna Torres, also a fellow Howardite, who’s got loads of vids online at various performances and jam sessions (Check out “My All” performed with guitarist Chris Ashworth).  Though the Facebook fan page says “pop music that appeals to the masses”, there’s an obvious infusion of soul that snatches you up by the nape of the neck and makes you pay attention.  You gotta respect music that accomplishes what it sets out to do and Torres does just that: makes pop music that appeals to the masses; her work has a definite crossover appeal that sounds equally at home in the worlds of both pop and R&B.  So basically, people, if you want to fight the schlock that urban radio force-feeds you every day of the week, you gotta go find good music and when you find it, talk people’s ears off about it, and most importantly, support it!

Also, catch her live at the Delancey September 4th if you’re in NYC:

New York State of Mind: Live Performance of “Cried Alot” at the Blender Theater in NYC 8/17/09

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