Uncut Raw :: Evie Blanco f. Mobb Deep


Queens native Evie Blanco keeps it extra raw on “Uncut Raw”, where she hijacks a record from Havoc’s 2013 solo LP and goes in, which ended up getting the approval of Havoc himself. Evie had a tumultuous previous stint in rap, but is back at it. Regarding life on the come-up after a messed-up deal:

I signed an indie deal in like 2009 and it was complete bullshit.  I was young and didn’t have guidance so I encountered a lot. [After that,] I did everything from mixtape distribution to graphics to fashion show coordinating, but still went into the studio periodically.  My desire to chase a career as a rapper kinda died but my love for creating ill music didn’t.  Having dope friends and family actively in the industry has always inspired me to push forward, which is why one way or another, I made a career out of hip-hop.   You’ll hear my lil voice here and there though.  Now that I have control and flexibility, I have an idea of what I’m looking to do next.  

Evie Blanco plans to drop her solo LP this coming fall.

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What You Came For :: Jean Grae


In conjunction with Marvel, Jean Grae has blessed us with the new track “What You Came For” to accompany Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Black Panther series. As the father of a 5-year-old, I’m excited to see the Panther getting so much burn recently and can’t wait to see him incorporated into all the animated shows Marvel has out right now (which are really good, by the way – both the Avengers and Spider-Man have had a long line of animated stinkers, so the current fare is a huge improvement). But back to the content at hand – Jean Grae is one of my favorite MCs and delivers on this joint. Buy it exclusively at Bandcamp.

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Welcome To BosAngeles :: Nat Anglin


Boston’s own Nat Anglin, formerly known as Natural, drops the long-awaited Welcome To BosAngeles, an album that deftly shifts gears between straight rap and introspective flows, establishing who the artist is in a climate where mainstream rappers are more focused on every track being a club jam. Nat’s a stand-up guy and true student of the craft, so check out the album and cop that on iTunes.

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