Systematic :: DJ Shadow & Nas

If you watch Silicon Valley and if you’re anything like me, you stopped dead in your tracks when you heard the song playing during the end credits of this past weekend’s season premiere. If you’re not like me and didn’t look it up immediately, the full song is right here for your enjoyment. 

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Shadow The Jewels [Mashup] :: DJ Shadow Vs. Run The Jewels By DJ Skarface

While a ragtag band of some of the sorriest excuses for rappers of all time squabble in what constitutes “rap beef” in the modern day, it’s good to know that in 2017, real heads can still count on the art to sometimes win out over the business of rap. In addition to Run The Jewels’ 3rd album currently in rotation, we now have this to rock to for a while. On Shadow The Jewels, DJ Skarface takes some classic DJ Shadow cuts and blends them with Run The Jewels’ first LP.

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Nobody Speak :: DJ Shadow f. Run The Jewels


In preparation for The Mountain Will Fall dropping June 24th on Mass Appeal Records, DJ Shadow calls on Run The Jewels for the first single.

“Occasionally, I make a beat that demands a specific vocal treatment and attitude. In the case of ‘Nobody Speak,’ I wasn’t going to settle for anyone other than Run The Jewels; in my mind, it was them or no one. Fortunately, they agreed, and they took the track to a place I could never get to on my own. That’s the definition of a rewarding collaboration.” – DJ Shadow

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