Not Sleeping :: Dutch ReBelle


Boston’s Dutch ReBelle drops some new heat right on time to carry us through this post-election¬†shock, despair, ambivalence – whatever you’re going through. I will keep it a hundred and warn that the intro build’s a little drawn out and grating on the ear, but it’s worth the wait for this ultimately solid, laid-back head-nod.

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Mix It Up :: Dutch ReBelle


Bostonian MC Dutch Rebelle delivers a good-weather anthem with her latest release off of the short-but-sweet Kiss Kiss EP. While I don’t generally like to single out or pigeonhole MCs as “female MCs” because skills are skills, I’m really putting the co-sign on Dutch as an up and coming (though heavily accoladed) female MC who’s bringing a refreshing feminine perspective to the game without putting sexuality before lyrical prowess. Check her out and spread the word.

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