The Kanyeezy Apologeezy

"What would Big Mama think?"
"What would Big Mama think?"

I just want to clear some things up in addition to addressing the Kanye apology on Jay Leno.  Some people took offense at my post yesterday regarding the Kanye West/Taylor Swift incident, mostly due to their failure to read the material I wrote.  This is a blog…I am not a journalist…I’m not here to just tell you what happened or to give some diplomatic response that doesn’t represent how I really feel.  Life’s too short to mince words.  At no point did I deny the fact that Yeezy’s actions were (in my own words) “rude as hell“.  The point of me writing it was to get people to lighten up about it.  It’s the bloody VMA’s for Pete (Wentz)’s sake…nobody won a Nobel Peace Prize.  If you were deeply upset about it in your heart of hearts, I suggest re-evaluating what’s important to you in life…seriously.  It’s not that deep.  Taylor Swift, Kanye, and of course, MTV will be eating mighty healthy off of this for the next several years, so take entertainment for what it is and save the emotion for real life.

That being said, Kanye isn’t a dude known to be insincere.  He says what’s on his mind generally, much to others’ dismay, but he still kicks the real regardless.  Beyonce is a better artist in my opinion, but the VMAs is based on the fans and I think ‘Ye may have lost sight of that in the moment as he was channeling hte late ODB (while just kind of making a “dirty b*stard” of himself).  It’s not a BET award…and MTV’s core following is a little younger than Kanye or I could relate to.  And clearly there are those in middle America and beyond who relate more to Taylor Swift than to Beyonce.  I get it and I think ‘Ye does as well.  I’ve never seen a Kanye apology, though, and I don’t know if we ever will again, but I can’t do anything but respect it.  You don’t win any street cred in the hip-hop community by getting choked up, so I don’t think there was anything to gain from Kanye just apologizing for the sake of doing it.  Chances are his audience isn’t tuning into Leno on the regular, nor would they stop buying his albums because of this, so I can only categorize this as a real-a** moment for West.

As for Leno, I’d be remiss not to mention that the “what would your mama think” question at the end of the interview was a low blow, as a particularly astute friend of mine was wise enough to point out (thanks tpp).  This was nowhere near that serious that anyone but Kanye needs to ask himself that question.  Clearly a ploy for ratings and Leno should be ashamed of himself.  Let’s keep it on the level here.

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  1. leno’s mother question was also a way of condescending to kanye and making him look like a boy who had stepped out of line and needed to be scolded….

  2. The way the question was asked had me thinking that Kanye’s Mom and Jay Leno had kicked it a few times on some G shit and that Kanye knew they were cool before she passed. He aint even look up at Jay to wonder about the sincerity of the question; he just zoned out.

  3. Kudos, homeboy! Reppin Team Kanye too.

    …I also think the question Leno posed was slightly inappropriate. I mean, what grown man asks another grown man what his mama would say about his “behavior”? I appreciate Kanye for answering it and for emoting about it — still, the question itself was a bit much for me.

  4. Aren’t the questions for interviews like this sent to the artist in advanced. Do you think that he was aware that he would be asked the mama question? Or maybe that he approved it in advance and wanted it to be put out there so the public knew what was going on in his life? I’m not sure, but I’m sure we will be hearing a song (or at least a verse) about the incident in the near future.

  5. I dont think it was planned…I think Jay was going for the unexpected question and as is to be expected, Ye didnt know how to even react that. I feel like thats a question that would get you slapped up in the street. Id be surprised if he made a verse about it actually.

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