The New Bullsh*t: Jay-Z As Satanist

Apparently, the media is bored.  No rappers have been shot recently, no significant beefs going on, nobody’s outdone the Octomom yet, etc…so when there isn’t any news, news-makers make it up.  The new fabrication tainting the web and occupying Bible-beaters and conspiracy theorists alike is that Jay-Z (as well as Kanye and Rihanna both by collaboration and association) is a Satanist.  For those who have missed the bullsh*t being slung around the web thus far, I’ll write it again…the new rumor is that Jay-Z is a Satanist.

Y’all sound real stupid right now.  Am I the only one that remembers the following conspiracies that materialized into absolutely nothing?:

  1. Liz Claiborne is a racist.
  2. Tommy Hilfiger is a racist.
  3. Luther Vandross died (before he actually did).
  4. The company Timberland is owned by the KKK.

A few of many that I never bought into (I prefer facts and affirmation straight from the horse’s mouth) but were widespread, never proven, and eventually forgotten about.  The saddest part is that Jay-Z is one of the most articulate Black men with the most visibility in mainstream media, in rap or elsewhere.  He is a highly successful, innovative, and prolific artist and philanthropist with a body of work that few rival in terms of consistency.  Since Jay doesn’t give us too much to criticize, it’s only natural someone would find it necessary to weave a quilt out of pure bullsh*t.  Some say he’s sold his soul to the Devil for success.  OK, have you heard any of his albums?  It doesn’t take Lucifer whispering in my ear to make me or anyone else go pick up a Jay-Z album.

"So, about those Nets tickets we discussed? This is the 3rd message I've left and I'm a little peeved."

The video for “Run This Town” allegedly has some actions and images that could be construed as related to Satanism and/or membership to an “occult order (probably Freemasonry)”, according to Vigilant Citizen.  First, Freemasonry is not an occult order, but since it is a relatively secretive organization, it’s an easy way to get people scared and riled up.  The association between Freemasonry and Satanism was linked and then publicly discredited due to the writings of Leo Taxil, a libelous late 1800s writer who himself announced that his own claims relating the two concepts were fictitious, even going so far as to thank the clergy for giving his claims publicity.  Someone clearly has not done their research or is reading what they want to read and presenting it as fact to others who are too lazy to do the research for themselves.  Regardless, all of this is hearsay and based on opinion, presented by people who clearly have their own personal vendettas and vested interests.

The aforementioned site goes into depth talking about Jay-Z’s Rocawear line and some symbols used in it, saying they are directly related to Freemasonry, though many of the symbols also appear on money, which is a large part of the subject matter of Jay-Z’s music.  The icing on the cake is that the site also takes quotes from Mobb Deep’s Prodigy, a rival of Jay’s who (surprise) is the first to speak out against Jay-Z and his alleged connection to “the beast”.  I guess he’s still pissed about Jay-Z outing him as a ballet enthusiast.  This from a member of Mobb Deep who, on a recent (2006) album titled Blood Money, posed with rhyme partner Havoc in front of a giant pyramid, which the writer of the article describes as “blatantly Masonic” in reference to the symbols used in Rocawear clothing.  The Freemason organization is relatively secretive, so would a member really go so far as to place these symbols on clothing for non-members to wear?  Methinks not.

Rihanna throwing up the rock & roll symbol...don't remember anyone claiming Avril Lavigne was a Satanist.

Another perceived yet poorly thought-out “issue” is Jay’s use of the term “God” in reference to a human being, describing it as part of a “Luciferian belief” that men can be gods.  “God” is actually quite popular in New York slang and hip-hop and is more related to Five Percent Nation ideology than Satanism, which is an obscure reference and seems to grab at straws for lack of concrete information.  The Five Percent Nation is an offshoot of the Nation of Islam and is in no way related to Satanism…quite the opposite actually.  Rap groups Brand Nubian and Wu-Tang have long been associated with the Five Percent Nation and referred to one another and Black men and women in general as “gods and earths”.  If Jay-Z wanted to come out and be a Five Percenter, I don’t think there would be all that much push-back.  It’s not as unusual a belief system as one might think and there is much validity to their beliefs.

Quite simply, folks, the Internet being what it is, you can find any information to prove or disprove any theory you could dream up.  Any time someone is at the top of their game and successful, there will be detractors.  Michael Jackson died amidst a swirl of rumor and negativity, as did many iconic figures.  We have to be smarter than this, people.  It’s music.  There’s so much more that matters in life.  If you’re so devoted to Christianity, shouldn’t your faith be stronger than to put this much stock into something as frivolous as perceived subliminal messages and imagery?

And just because I like to toy with peoples’ insecurities, cue up Reasonable Doubt …and play it backwards.  Welcome to the secret society, all we ask is trust..mwahahahaha…!

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  1. I have to give the whole “jay-z is a satanist” thing the side eye. I mean come on!

    Jay-Z aint cheating or beating on Beyonce, he’s not in & out of jail, and he doesn’t have a tv show exposing his and Bey’s personal life. That’s why people are making sh*t up, because he’s not giving the public anything to talk about; that’s what I like about him.

    Maybe if he put out a sex tape or got a twitter account and used it to have a nervous breakdown in 140characters or less (similar to Bow Wow & Souljaboy), that would satisfy the public and they’d drop this lame rumor.

  2. If he is not a satonist than Y have all that Bull in the songs when played backwards, or why have so much of the symbolism around him? Not only when the songs are played backwards but when played forward in the song also. Y would they want people screaming everywhere? Sometimes in this world U have to read between the lines. I think that he is a satonist and that he is not the only one in the industry a lot of them are but we will never really find out until the end…. because they hide behind there money. For people like me we just keep our hearts with GOD for people like them they have no heart or soul.

  3. What is a “satonist”?

    Did you read the post at all? Sometimes when making videos, people try to incorporate different images and ideas which people can take any way they want to. What symbolism are you talking about and who’s really playing songs backwards in 2009? You’re all reaching. I think it would be best you work on sentence structure and spelling before “reading between the lines” trying to determine who’s a Satanist by buying into bullsh*t conspiracy theories. You keep that heart with God…the rest of us in the real world will just keep listening to music as just what it is…entertainment. I could care less what musicians do as far as religion or anybody else for that matter. If I’m religious, then that pertains to me and me alone.

  4. This article speaks the truth. This BS about Jay-Z selling his soul to the devil, I mean really? Its so stupid but people go so hard for it. Why can’t someone be so talented that they became successful. Its almost like unsuccessful/lesser talented people use this as an excuse on why they aren’t successful. Nah man, you just suck.

  5. That’s exactly what it is. Poor and regular people hating on rich people just ’cause they can.

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if the person who wrote this article was a freemason! They said that the devil hand sign means “rock n’ roll”! How ignorant can you be?! And how many satanic things and symbols does Jay-z have to use for people to pay attention!?

  7. You got me! I’m part of the secret society (insert spooky ghost noises and villainous laugh)…you sir, are a lame. Please avoid my blog at all costs. LMAO.

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